things you should know about me 

  • I  am obsessed with musicals (mostly Mama Mia) 
  • When I hear Dancing Queen or Wobble I run to the dance floor 
  • I prefer tea over coffee 
  • I am happiest when I am with my family 
  • I am obsessed with Disney 
  • I love music! When I get stuck on a song I listen to it on repeat for weeks 
  • I will do anything for a soft pretzel, sour candy, or a warm cookie

Hey bestie! Im Elizabeth 





times i have watched greys anatomy 

times i could watch Mama Mia on repeat 

Times I have dyed my hair a different color or shade 

years i worked with kids before starting photography 

Since I was little, I remember always picking up any camera that was around and capturing whatever I could. I would even get dressed up and do an entire photoshoot. Come 2020, I decided to start capturing moments in other people's lives, not knowing where it would take me but knowing I loved capturing memories for so many different people.

I realized very quickly that I love capturing memories that couples cherish for a lifetime. Being able to preserve a moment that will last for generations is so special. I am not only capturing the moments; I am creating a visual time capsule for you to remember every moment just as it was on your wedding day!

Our Style 


my why

The reason i love capturing love

  • New Best Friend 
  • Posing Expert
  • Good Time 
  • Dreamy Memories Captured
  • #1 Hype Girl  

5 things to be excited for 

when you book with Stampfli Photography 

Your #1 Hype girl